Nick, Martial Arts Instructor

Krav Maga near Williamsburg


Coach K is currently a Master Police Officer with over twenty-one years of law enforcement experience.  He has worked in uniform patrol, high impact patrol units (HIPP), and Organized Crime Division’s Narcotics Enforcement Unit, and SWAT.  On occasion, he also performs in the capacity as a Defensive Tactics/Control Tactics Instructor for his department.  Notable achievements include:

Krav Maga blue belt, under Robert Zacharias, Alpha Krav Maga  
Krav Maga assistant coach, under Ron Jacobs, Israeli Krav Maga Association
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt, assistant coach, under Professor Ron Jacobs, 1st degree black belt, Marcello-Monteiro Association
Muay Thai, assistant coach, under Kru Ron Jacobs, Muay Thai University
Police Defensive Tactics/Control Tactics Instructor
Police Ground Fighting Instructor
Police Firearm Instructor
Police Driving Instructor
Police General Instructor

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