Virginia Krav Maga Reviews

Dustin and the team are so awesome! Very professional and most def will take the time to train thoroughly! Very accountable to the craft!!


Conductive learning environment with Instructor that intuitively adapts training to your learning speed and needs.

Alan A

I've been training with Dustin and his group of coaches for a few months now. The techniques I've learned since joining have been well taught and affective. I always leave class feeling more confident than when I came in. If you are considering self defense training for yourself or a family member, Virginia Krav Maga is where you want to be.

Drew F

When my daughter and I first inquired about the class, the certified instructor, Dustin , was very professional and friendly and answered all our questions. We signed up and in the short period of time, we have learned so much. The environment is great and the other participants are great as well. I believe taking the classes will not only help to defend yourself, however you gain the confidence knowing that what is being taught can actually protect and save your life. Great workout as well, as I come out of class drenched. The classes are never boring and my daughter and I have fun! Dustin is very knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to talk to. Each section of a move is taught step by step. When I do not understand a move or if we have questions, he takes the time to repeatedly show you step by step so you can get it right. We are happy to learn from Dustin and great place to learn self defense, stay fit and have fun. Thank you Dustin, great job!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin W

This place is top of the line! Dustin the instructor is very knowledgeable and very hands on! Whether your goal is to learn self defense or get a good workout in and get in shape this is the place for you!


Coming from a more traditional martial arts style, I have been enjoying the very practical methods of Krav Maga, which are simple to learn and immediately applicable. Dustin offers mixed-level classes, kids' classes, and classes just for women, as well as specific classes for sparring and for fitness/conditioning, so students can customize our learning to focus on what we prefer, and mix it up depending on our schedules. If you come with a friend, family member, or spouse, you can partner up and learn while avoiding close contact with others. Highly recommended!!

Sandy T

Absolutely amazing! My girls (ages 10 & 11) are taking classes here and rave about them every time we leave. Top notch training, professional instructors and clean environment. Highly recommend Virginia Krav Maga

Brandi W

Dustin and the staff at Virginia Krav Maga demonstrate such a huge professional and considerate atmosphere! My entire family trains here, my children are exuding more confidence, discipline, and understanding since they’ve been training with Dustin! I train with the adult class and the quality and time they give there clients is awesome! Instructional and sparring is not only demonstrated properly but closely watched to ensure we are conducting it properly!!!

Mat C

I'm addicted and the Virginia Alpha Krav Maga has forever changed my life. Before I joined the Virginia Krav Maga , I had zero experience and was hesitant to join any Martial Arts "gym". I was hesitant because I didn't want to be surrounded by a bunch of macho "tough guys" judging me. I wanted to learn how to defend myself and was also anxious to get into better shape. When researching different types of self defense, Krav Maga was always first on the list so I thought I'd give it a try... After starting, I was so relieved to see that it wasn't a macho "tough guy" environment. Instead, I was surrounded with like-minded individuals who come from many different backgrounds and amazing instructors to guide us every step of the way. I have now been a member and I couldn't be happier with my decision to join VAKM.

Bottom line the amount of experience between the black belts, instructors and belonging to the recognizable Alpha Krav Maga International Association. This team of instructors are experienced, knowledgeable and available to train you in the correct methods of self defense. No contracts and no bull. Great group of people.

Steven Nelson

This is the one stop shop to learn proper fighting techniques...the instructors take the time to make sure that you understand each move ..this place is a must for great cardio and training for all ..

Jim Russell

First of all, the school has the ALPHA INTERNATIONAL seal of approval, plus the coaches have trained with the owner of that organization. I am hoping to gain the skills needed for me to react and attack if being threatened!

Patty Acurio-Toney

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